From the recording Catch You On The Other Side

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Words by David L. Sherman & Music composed by Nancy Lee
Co-Producers; Nancy Lee & Tony Costantini
Recording Engineer; Larry Dillon
Mixing Engineers; Gwyn Mathias & Bartrum
Mastering Engineer; Gwyn Mathias
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals; Nancy Lee
Piano & Organ; Tony Costantini
Bass; Adrian Girouard


(Words by David L Sherman)

Why can't we be friends
Trees and rivers bend
We can make amends
We could start a brand new trend

Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we forgive and forget
Why can’t we cancel the debt
What if all the best is yet

What if happiness depends
On the bridges that we mend
Baby… Why can’t we be friends

Let’s take the long-term view
We both wear a bruise or two
But they’re only flesh wounds
Life too short to walk away from you

So let’s not take the long way around
Let’s take a night out on the town
Let’s just turn this thing around
Let’s just start over again

Let’s break out the champagne
Let’s tango in the rain
Baby… Why can’t we be friends