From the recording Catch You On The Other Side

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Words & Music; Nancy Lee
Co-Producers; Nancy Lee & Tony Costantini
Recording Engineer; Larry Dillon
Mixing Engineers; Gwyn Mathias & Bartrum
Mastering Engineer; Gwyn Mathias
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals; Nancy Lee
Keyboards; Tony Costantini
Bass; Adrian Girouard
Electric Guitar; Donny Brisebois
Drums; John McColgan
Backing Vocals; Nicole Poissant & Nancy Lee


Lay your head down
And listen to this sound
That’s my heart
And it’s singing you a love song

And when you’ve closed your eyes
Mine are open wide
You don’t have to hide
Just close your eyes
You’ll always be my little angel

There will come a time
You’re going to shine
But tonight
Sleep tight
My little angel

So lay your head down
And don’t you worry about a single sound
Just listen to my heart
Because it’s singing you a love song
And it’s telling you
You will always be
My little Angel
My little Angel
You’re my little Angel
You’ll always be
To me
My Little Angel