1. Slip Away

From the recording Catch You On The Other Side

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Words & Music; Nancy Lee
Co-Producers; Nancy Lee & Tony Costantini
Recording Engineer; Larry Dillon
Mixing Engineers; Gwyn Mathias & Bartrum
Mastering Engineer; Gwyn Mathias
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals; Nancy Lee
Keyboards; Tony Costantini
Bass; Adrian Girouard
Electric Guitar; Donny Brisebois
Drums; John McColgan


(Slip away baby)
Slip away baby but don’t go astray
You say you need time well I’ve got to spare
I won’t give you any heartache… so lay your troubles down
I know you need to make your own mistakes
But you still need me… you still need me… to be around

I’m sitting here thinking about yesterdays
All of the time that we have shared
There’s so much that we don’t realize… that is always there
You can’t reach out and touch it
But I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, Love’s there…
Love is there

So don’t worry about tomorrow… Don’t linger in yesterday
You were born to live and wonder… Discover your own way
Shed no tears of sorrow… Dance beneath the rain
And always remember…
That for every joy that passes something beautiful remains

Slip away baby but don’t go too far
Remember I love you wherever you are
It takes a lifetime of devotion to claim a weary soul
When you see yourself in others you begin to feel whole
If you find yourself wondering honey which way you should go
Just remember that Happiness…
When all is said and done, when all is said and done… it’s a choice!
It’s a Choice!... it’s a choice… make the choice
Slip away baby but don’t go away…