From the recording Catch You On The Other Side

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Words & Music; Nancy Lee
Co-Producers; Nancy Lee & Tony Costantini
Recording Engineer; Larry Dillon
Mixing Engineers; Gwyn Mathias & Bartrum
Mastering Engineer; Gwyn Mathias
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals; Nancy Lee
Piano & Organ; Tony Costantini
Bass; Adrian Girouard
Electric Guitar; Donny Brisebois
Drums; John McColgan


Papa died when she was just a little girl
Mama cried like it was the end of the world
Broken hearts, She’s seen more than a few
Can’t get over losing you

I remember when she was only seventeen
You know that age when you think you know everything
She never thought she could hurt this much
Can’t get over losing your touch

King of Angels… Prince of Thieves
Could you convey a message please
It doesn’t matter what I say or do
She can’t get over losing you

No warm body breathing by her side
You took your love and you left her behind
And even though you didn’t want to go
Can’t get over losing you

No more warm embraces in the night
No more tender kisses ‘till the morning light
No more hush my baby everything’s all right
No more I love you baby ‘til the end of time
Just ran out of time
Now she can’t get over you
No she can’t get over you (Hush baby, don’t you cry)
She can’t get over you (Be a big girl, and dry your eyes)