From the recording Catch You On The Other Side

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Words & Music; Nancy Lee
Co-Producers; Nancy Lee & Tony Costantini
Recording Engineer; Larry Dillon
Mixing Engineers; Gwyn Mathias & Bartrum
Mastering Engineer; Gwyn Mathias
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals; Nancy Lee
Piano & Organ; Tony Costantini
Bass; Adrian Girouard
Electric Guitar; Donny Brisebois
Drums; John McColgan


(No more crying, I’m done trying)
I’ve done my time
I think I’ll pour myself another glass of wine
Kick back, take a breath and clear my mind
Cause I’m done talking
And I’m pretty sure I’m still good for something
It’s been a long hard ride
I’ll catch you on the other side

Beg, steal, borrow
Well there’s some things even I can’t swallow
So I’m packing my pride and I’m taking my ride
Cause my heart’s broken
From angry words that can’t be unspoken
So it’s… Goodbye Baby, I’ll catch you on the other side.

Georgie-Porgie pudding and pie
Make them laugh and make them cry
I’m not the first, I’m not the last
Plenty of fools like me (lined up) to be trashed

I once knew an author
Who wrote a book about some alcoholic’s daughter
Boy! Talk about a Who-took-who for a ride
He said; Her last lover left her
One lonely little line in a letter
It’s said, Good bye baby, I’ll catch you on the other side
I’ll catch you on the other side
Baby bye-bye-bye-bye-bye-bye-bye
I’m done crying
(No more trying, I’m done crying)
No more crying

So I’m taking the highway
Going to finally get to do things my way
Yah! No rings, no strings, just buy your ticket and fly
Like it or not
I know a leopard never changes his spots… No
Goodbye baby… Catch you on the other side
Goodbye baby… Yeah
Baby Goodbye
Baby Goodbye
I’ll Catch you on the other side
Goodbye baby… Baby goodbye
Catch you on the other side..